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Please note that we are currently unable to accept visitors without an appointment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Blue Grass Purple Cow Nursery has robust practices and processes in place to safeguard children in our care. A copy of our Safeguarding Policy is available on our Parent Portal and on request. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Proud AWARD WINNER: Apprenticeship Provider Of The Year, 2023.

Learning and Development


The Government has created a format for care and education entitled "The Early Years Foundation Stage" (EYFS). Even as a private day Nursery, we are obliged to adhere to the requirements of the EYFS, and to use the developmental stages the Government has identified to assess the progress children at Nursery are making. We regard the EYFS as an excellent starting point for guiding our professional practice and we work extremely hard to ensure that we are working to the highest possible standard in doing so. The advantage for children is that their Reception year at school will follow the same EYFS curriculum, so there is good continuity between their experience at Nursery, and what they will experience at school. Throughout all groups, we plan for the children's development in accordance with the EYFS. We spend time nurturing the children, helping them to reach their individual milestones in a fun and active way, striving to give all the children a constantly changing array of experiences.

We genuinely view ourselves as working in true partnership with parents. We encourage parents to play an active role in the children's time at Nursery, and truly value our interaction with parents. You and your child will benefit from a staff member who is devoted to you and your child as a focal point for their time at Nursery - the person you can turn to for advice, information or support, someone who knows you and your child. Each child will have their own individual Development Record, which will detail their achievements and steps forward though childhood. We invite you to complete this with us by sharing with us what you see your child doing at home, whilst we share with you what they achieve at Nursery. The best communication is two-way. Staff are always available to talk with parents about the progress of their children and we actively encourage parents to enter into a dialogue with us in a way that they feel comfortable. Parents are ALWAYS invited to come in to Nursery to chat to us, formally or informally, at any time. 

The Meadow 

When it is time to stretch out and practice those all-important physical skills, the babies enjoy large open spaces where they can get physical in a safe and well-managed environment. There is at least one staff member for each group of three children. Staff appointed to this area are devoted exclusively to the babies and will therefore provide consistent care for your child and a regular point of contact for you. A good variety of materials and resources keep young minds interested and little bodies active. Staff are focused on tuning in to your baby’s unique needs and providing individual special care and attention – following your baby’s own routine.

The Orchard

In The Orchard, children will find space to stretch out on a large rug and play with various small world settings – like a town, farmyards, jungle or desert, for example -  creating their own adventures and learning to share with their friends. There is a cosy literacy area with a great variety of books, puzzles and educational floor games for quiet play. The Orchard has its own role play and a variety of resources for sensory and messy experiences.

The Brook

The Pre-school group enjoy activities responding directly to the current interests and needs of the children. daily activity plans are fully considered and implemented by staff according to the EYFS. We pride ourselves on how well we know the children and cater for their individual interests and abilities, stretching their skills. We observed the children closely and develop individual learning plans for each and every child. This is shared with parents too, so that you can let us know what you would like for your child, and so that you can extend their learning at home. Our Literacy area is overflowing with books and puppets, which the children use to bring their stories to life. A large area for messy play with a wide variety of writing materials gives children regular opportunities for beginning to write. Role play is really important to developing social skills and we have a truly amazing selection of dressing up clothes and experiences for the children to enjoy. The children particularly love creating small world “schemes” and we invest in fantastic resources to stretch creativity.