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What's happening NOW at Blue Grass Purple Cow

Next week, we move on from Technology to Check your Hypothesis, as we explore the magic of light, bubbles and balloons.


The Brook are going to see if they can make GIANT bubbles with hula hoops. They are also finding out how Hot Air Balloons float. They will discover the difference between a balloon filled with helium and one filled with their own hot air. They are going to discover the power of the sun, when they experiment by writing secret messages with lemon juice on paper. What do you think will happen? The Brook are also building their own sundials with sticks and rocks in The Country Garden and learning what the sun is made from, along with the important job it does for us.


Meantime, The Orchard are seeing how long they can keep their balloons in the air. They are also blowing bubbles into containers with coloured water and making prints - hopefully, we will understand blowing with a straw, as distinct from sucking!

At home, you might try doing a floating and sinking activity to continue the learning. A washing up bowl and several items are all you need. Perhaps you could ask the children to tell you their hypothesis and make a chart to record how many times their educated guess is right. Another great activity is to see if you can photograph each others shadow. What makes the shadow? For a bit of noisy fun, you might try keeping a balloon up in the air yourselves, with a little competition. This is a great way to practice both physical skills as well as COUNTING! Add mark-making to your activity by making a chart of each attempt. How many more did Mum get than Dad - theres a great bit of problem-solving to add to the fun!


The Meadow are also playing with bubbles, one of their favourite things, learning (we hope!) to say single words (POP!) and perhaps even 2-word phrases - (BUBBLE POP!) Balloons and experimenting with paint, glitter and other shiny materials that remind us of The Sun are on The Meadow agenda for next week.